Water & Wastewater Treatment

Waste Water Pump Stations

The Calpeda CALIDOM TM& CALIPROTM turnkey packaged pump stations are the latest example of the innovative products available from Calpeda Pumps (Ireland).

For over 20 years the company has built a strong reputation for delivering customised pump solutions to meet the requirements of a wide range of projects and applications. This ability to create engineering-led solutions comes from a unique mix of innovative pumps complemented by a team of in-house specialists offering design advice and technical support at every stage of a project, be it a domestic, commercial, industrial or specialist application.

As part of the Italian pump giant, Calpeda SPA, Calpeda Pumps (Ireland) Ltd can also boast of continuous product development, a typical example being the Calpeda packaged pump stations. These units are typically used to pump Foul Sewage, Stormwater, Rainwater & Drainage Water


  • All units are assembled & tested here in our factory and delivered to site ready for use.
  • They are simple to install & require minimal site works and are essentially supplied in a “plug & play” condition.
  • We have a huge range of tank & pump configurations to suit most applications i.e. single domestic houses right up to Large Housing Schemes.
  • The units come with all the necessary controls and optional telemetry for remote monitoring and alarms if required.
  • We also provide Installation, Commissioning, Service Contracts & After Hours Emergency Calls Countrywide to support our product.

These unique packaged pump stations are manufactured at our premises in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

Calpeda Booster Sets for Unrivalled Quality

Over the last 20 years Calpeda Pumps (Ireland) has built a strong reputation for delivering customised pump solutions to meet the requirements of all types of projects. The range is extensive and caters for all applications, with bespoke solutions a speciality, particularly when it comes to booster sets. All are manufactured at Calpeda’s dedicated workshop with quality control the key focus. Every pump has a full hydraulic and mechanical test at the end of the production process while the completed booster sets are also tested to the desired operating duty prior to dispatch.

This Calpeda CAT 5 booster set was designed to prevent possible contamination of water into the mains supply, while keeping a pressurised cold water supply to equipment.

Features include:
* Bronze or stainless steel pumps;
* Idromat 5 controller;
* Type AB AirGap;
* WRAS approved tank

Energy saving replacement

These images illustrate another quality job carried out by one of Calpeda’s distribution partners and shows the replacement of an old inefficient pressure switch controlled booster set with a new Calpeda variable speed Easymat set. The customer is now reaping the benefit of significant energy savings and unparalleled reliability thanks to Calpeda’s WRAS-approved multi-stage pumps and advanced inverters used on the cold water booster sets. Designed, manufactured and fully tested to ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001.

Calpeda 3-phase Imat booster sets

This very tidy Calpeda 3-phase IMAT booster set was one of seven Calpeda bespoke units designed for a specific plant room. This set comprises three MXV40-806 WRAS-approved stainless steel vertical multistage pumps, each one rated for 3.0ltr/ sec @ 4.5bar. Each pump on the set is fitted with an IMAT variable speed drive to ensure maximum efficiency, with the pumps only running to maintain the constant pressure that is required. As soon as the desired pressure is reached the pump goes into standby until the next time it is needed. Calpeda’s IMAT inverters have one external pressure transducer per inverter/pump as standard; cyclic change-over over lead pump to ensure even wear across the set; voltfree contacts for remote alarm; auto re-start in case of power failure; and built-in safety start (hydraulic shock protection). Calpeda IMAT (and Easymat) inverters don’t require an app, remote or a “dongle” to configure or to see what they are doing. Everything can be accessed and configured directly from the display.

Many different applications

Calpeda pumps are used for many different applications. On this bespoke purification system there is a single pump Calpeda Easymat booster set utilising WRAS-approved horizontal multi-stage pumps, an Easymat variable speed drive to control the pressure, and an AGAP tank. In fact, Calpeda works very closely with many OEMs to find solutions for moving water.

Easymat booster set

This image shows a recent install of a Calpeda 3-pump Easymat booster set. There are very good reasons for choosing Calpeda’s Easymat variable
speed drive, including:
* Non water-cooled;
* External transducer per Easymat;
* No remotes, Apps or generational changes