Vogelsang Ireland – Efficient and Reliable Wastewater Technology

Vogelsang Ireland brings you cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment. Our innovative technology is used in many wastewater applications including pumping fluids and sludge, macerating entangled fibres, shredding disruptive matter, and disintegrating sludge for more efficient purification.

Every single one of our products is designed for economical, reliable operation. Worldwide operators, consultants, planners, and constructors in the wastewater sector have learned to trust in the user-friendly design and outstanding quality of our systems. Visit our virtual showroom here to get a 360° view of our wastewater innovations.

Vogelsang technology for wastewater and sludge at a glance:

  • XRipper Grinders: Vogelsang wastewater grinders give you efficient protection for pumps and components from clogging and damage due to the economical size reduction of harmful matter.
  • Pump Technology: Our flexible and energy-efficient pumping technology can handle low-viscosity wastewater to highly viscous sludge.
  • RotaCut Macerators: We combine a wet macerator and heavy material separator in one unit to ensure trouble-free processes with low maintenance effort.
  • Disintegration technology: Vogelsang’s electrokinetic or mechanical disintegration technology helps to reduce sewage and increase gas yield.

Download our brochure here for more information on our wastewater solutions or visit our website at: www.vogelsang.info. Contact us about your project at ireland@vogelsang.info or 091 394 570.