Toppins Field Masterplan taking shape with approval of 67 new homes under Social Housing PPP Programme Over 120 new Social and Affordable homes now clear to advance at South city site

Limerick City and County Council are welcoming the inclusion of 67 new homes at Toppins Field in the Social Housing Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme recently announced by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

It follows funding approval in July for 56 housing units at Toppins Field under the Affordable Housing Fund. These are two significant advances in realising the ambitions of the masterplan devised for the 5 hectare (approx.) site, owned by the Local Authority and situated between Carew Park and Rathbane on Limerick city’s south side.

The masterplan envisions the delivery of a minimum of 285 new homes, where 50% will be Affordable, 30% Social Rental and 20% Private Right-sizing. It also makes provision for a new crèche and common facilities, along with an associated playground and high quality public amenity parks with pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout. The scheme has been designed to sustainably make use of, and retain water on site, including a new pond area and ecology park.

The landscape and streetscape design proposals aim to bring social, recreational and Green Infrastructure layers to the new sustainable quarter.

The driving forces behind the design are:

  • to form a network of connected open spaces which create opportunities for socialising, play and exercise for the new and existing residents
  • to enhance biodiversity in the local landscape
  • to accommodate Sustainable Urban Drainage in the landscape in an integrated and meaningful way
  • to accommodate pedestrian and cycle movement in a natural way with a permeable layout
  • to create Green Streets, while accommodating car parking
  • to work with the principles of nature-based play
  • to incorporate productive landscape elements – fruit trees, community gardening
  • to plant the space in accordance with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan with a majority of native species and ensure that no invasive or potentially invasive species are planted here

The Council’s vision is for the Toppins Field site to be fully developed over time to provide a sustainable mixed use, mixed tenure residential quarter. An Affordable Housing Fund project of 56 housing units, (28 Affordable Purchase, 28 Social and Private right sizing homes) received Government funding approval in July and work is underway on the preplanning design phase, as a first move in the realisation of the larger masterplan.

This second scheme, as part of the Social Housing Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme, is a mixture of 1 and 2 bed social units, including universally designed accessible units, and will be delivered in parallel with the Affordable Housing scheme.

The Toppins Field Masterplan aims to support and contribute to the Council’s wider strategy to regenerate the south side of the city, making it a popular and attractive place to live, offering a mix of housing tenures and options. The project is expected to be completed within two to two-and-a-half years from the granting of planning permission.

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr Gerald Mitchell is welcoming the advancement of the scheme:

“Progress on the Toppins Field masterplan is very welcome as we address the current housing challenges. It is a mixed-tenure estate that aligns with the Council’s commitment to regenerate the south side of the city. The masterplan for the area reflects an ambition to create a thriving community in a prime location.”

Director of Services, Housing at Limerick City and County Council, Caroline Curley said:

“This development is a key part of this Council’s overall housing plans for the coming years and the funding approval advanced for both affordable and social homes is very welcome. Over the coming months, a number of planning applications will begin preparation. Importantly, this brings a step closer the opportunity to provide more mixed tenure housing in an area that is in great need of these homes.”