Kinder to the Bank Balance as well as the Environment!

As we all look toward savings on outgoings as we come into winter, boiler efficiency is high on the list for consumers, installers, and the industry as a whole. 

In the past, the boilers used in our homes typically had an efficiency of 60%, resulting in 40% of their energy being lost.  Some of these older standard efficiency boilers are still in use in homes today.

Over the past number of years Firebird, manufacturer of high-performance heating solutions, has dedicated significant resources and invested heavily in developing products with increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and which use more renewable and sustainable fuel sources.

Thanks to this drive towards innovation, Firebird now has the most efficient condensing oil boiler on the market at 97.5% efficiency and NOx emissions as low as 60mg/kWhr, half the EU limits.

Research from The Sutherland Tables September 2022 findings*, shows that by upgrading from a standard efficiency boiler in a house built in the 1980’s to a high efficiency condensing boiler, the average savings on heating bills can be as much as €1,300 per year.

As one recent Firebird Trustpilot reviewer stated “My oil doesn’t go down as quick and it gets hotter quicker”.

These savings would help to alleviate the current pressure on households and businesses which have seen home heating oil almost double in price.  Plus, by using less oil, these boilers are much kinder to the environment, as well as to the bank balance!

Firebird’s boilers are also fully compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). A viable and sustainable drop-in replacement to Kerosene, HVO is fossil free and can reduce household emissions by up to 90%.

Leading the charge in innovation, Firebird has trialled and tested HVO in Ireland and the UK to prove that it can be implemented almost immediately. The conversion requires little or no modification to existing home heating systems – no significant investment beyond a small conversion cost, (approx. 400) to upgrade to a Firebird by Elco HVO burner.

Mark Doyle, General Manager with Firebird explained how the introduction of HVO for household and commercial boilers would be an instant game-changer for home heating. 

There are 1.5 million or so homes with existing liquid fuel boilers in Ireland with few other choices available for homeowners to adopt cleaner, greener heat solutions.” he stated. 

“HVO can work with any liquid fuel boiler and if used in homes, can potentially make these homes almost carbon neutral immediately. Our trials of HVO for home heating in Ireland have proven how household greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 90% with CO2 emissions decreasing by up to six tonnes annually, per home.”

Mark Doyle added: “We at Firebird passionately believe that we all have a part to play to reduce carbon emissions and we believe HVO is not the future, it’s the “now”. We are continuing to innovate and drive more sustainable heating solutions that help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and future-proof their homes. Our responsibility to our customers and the environment are the key drivers behind everything we do.”

Firebird’s manufacturing site in Ireland and offices in England and Northern Ireland are already fuelled by HVO and the benefits can be seen every day.

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