Switch your phone systems and switch to a better way of working

As another business year gets into full swing and the country looks forward to the lifting of restrictions post-Omicron, many organisations are looking for ways to optimise communications and optimising expenditure.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways of achieving both these objectives is to make the switch to a VoIP based phone system now. This is particularly relevant now as we’re just a few short years from a shutdown of the old, expensive, PSTN network across Europe.

Unlike standard PSTN landlines, VoIP not only eliminates your line rental costs but also gives you a host of advanced features like smart call routing, HD Call Quality, call recording, diary-based forwarding, and video conferencing. All with the benefit of a simple to use online interface to make adjustments.

The flexibility that VoIP brings to your communications cannot be underestimated. When the pandemic struck, we were able to pick up our laptops, knowing that if a call came to our deskphone in the office, we could answer it on our laptop or via an app on our mobile phones. Once you have a data connection, you’re connected to your organisation’s phone system.

Internal calling is reinvigorated too. No more dialling the extension and having the call forwarded to a mobile (meaning the organisation bears the cost of the forwarding leg) – dial the extension, and the app rings – all across the data connection – so no additional costs here. 

This anytime anywhere approach allows organisations the flexibility to maintain communications no matter where colleagues are based. With hybrid working set to be the model as we return to the workplace, organisations are embracing VoIP based communication solutions that allow this approach.

VoIP based phone systems such as the IP Telecom Hosted Phone enhances processes and eliminates duplicated efforts. Because of the way it’s built, our phone solution integrates fully with your existing software and platforms. Calls can be made through CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Zoho, allowing colleagues to make and receive calls that both pulls up the customer record instantaneously (making for a great customer experience) and makes a record of the latest interaction with the customer, which gives you the metrics you need for quality control.

Collaboration software such as GSuite, Microsoft Teams and Slack are also integrated, allowing for enhanced collaboration internally and externally to your company and making your team super productive.

Switching to VoIP is easy with IP Telecom, and we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional, industry leading service to ensure customer satisfaction. All existing phone numbers are kept when you move, and our dedicated porting desk will look after all the arrangements on your behalf. When we put a solution in place for a customer, once the customer is on the platform, everything is working fully from day one and built only around the organisation’s needs. 

Our dedicated training resources ensure that customers have knowledge of our easy-to-use online interface and if there’s anything else that’s needed our dedicated support team are always on hand. Our platform is super robust too with multiple points of presence and carrier-grade data centres that offer 99.999% uptime and full network redundancy.

Your phone system is at the centre of your organisation’s communications and so is central to your objectives. It’s time to make the move to a phone system that’s built with your organisation in mind.

Rory Whelan is Head of Marketing for IP Telecom, one of the leading providers of dedicated business phone services and cloud-based communications to thousands of businesses, charity and public sector organisations in Ireland. 

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