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As an industry, the supply, collection and management of water resources faces some unique challenges. It is a resource many consumers almost take for granted, bringing pricing pressures that impact investment and operational costs. In addition processes must operate within strict EU regulatory guidelines to maintain the safety of supply and protect the environment.
Hence any company in this industry needs to be able to turn to a partner that understands these challenges, and has the necessary solutions to be able to address them consistently around the clock, year after year with complete confidence.
Mitsubishi Electric is such a partner. We can offer a range of systems that have the necessary flexibility and dependability to meet these demands, while backing it up with many years of experience working with customers in the water resources industry.
Figures speak for themselves:
Nearly 15 Trillion litres of water are treated every year ysing Mitsubishi Electric PLCs
The biggest Japanese WWTP and fresh water plant are equipped with Mitsubishi Electric . More than 100 further cities and municipalities in Japan are relying on Mitsubishi Electric too
6.2 cubic meters of desalinated water is produced everyday using Mitsubishi Electric systems.
Customer: Isle of Man Water & Sewerage Authority
Project: Entire Water & waste water network. Fresh water supply up to 58,000m3. 75 dirty and 18 clean water pumping stations.
Mitsubishi Electric solution: Complete process control, automation and drive systems.
·         Dual redundancy, high performance, high speed
·         High energy efficiency, high level of diagnostics
·         Reliable partner and local support

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