National Heritage Week 2021

The Heritage Council is delighted to announce that National Heritage Week 2021 will take place from Saturday, 14th August to Sunday, 22nd August 2021.

Last year, in response to public health guidelines relating to COVID-19, National Heritage Week moved away from events only, and invited heritage enthusiastic to create projects that could be shared online. Project organisers met this challenge with great innovation and creativity, producing over 800 heritage projects. You can search the full collection of projects here.

For National Heritage Week 2021, the Heritage Council is once again inviting individuals, communities and organisations to develop heritage projects. This year is all about opening the door to heritage and getting as many people to enjoy heritage as possible: heritage newcomers, who have not engaged with National Heritage Week before; groups or individuals who may not traditionally feel included in local heritage; and heritage enthusiasts of all ages. Completed heritage projects can be shared via the National Heritage Week website from Wednesday, 16th June to Monday, 30th August. 

For more information on National Heritage Week 2021 and for some things to consider when planning your project, check out the National Heritage Week blog