National Construction Summit is being held on, 22nd, October, 2020, – Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown.

The annual National Construction Summit is being held on, 22nd October, 2020, at  Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown.

Incorporating a number of complementary, co-located events and an extensive array of seminars, free workshops and exhibition stands, showcasing the latest products, services and technology for the construction, engineering, sustainable building, maintenance and architectural sectors, the 2020 National Construction Summit will cover all aspects of the construction landscape from €1 billion-plus development projects down to the humble building block.

Although the Irish construction industry is undergoing a strong recovery with investment expected to reach €41 billion by 2023, according to the CIF (Construction Industry Federation), there are a number of significant challenges to overcome, such as skills shortages and difficulties in planning and public sector procurement, if the targets within the government’s Project Ireland 2024 €116 billion capital investment programme are to be attained.


There is clearly a pressing need for the construction industry throughout Ireland to adopt innovative technologies and techniques in order to design and construct the sustainable buildings and infrastructure required by a growing population and to help businesses adapt to the challenges of the unfolding fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). However, there is concern that the industry is not evolving fast enough to meet these changing needs.

The 2020 National Construction Summit will attempt to present solutions to these challenges, by providing a forum for key stakeholders across the industry to gather to discuss pressing issues, enhance knowledge and to avail of a networking opportunity for those involved in the finance, design, construction and management of Ireland’s buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects.

Co-located event pillars

A distinctive feature of the National Construction Summit is that it incorporates several complementary event pillars – all under one roof. For 2020 these pillars include the following:

  • Modular & Offsite Construction
  • Data Centres
  • Construct IT
  • Building Materials & Innovation.
  • Building Control & Regulation.
  • Lean Construction, passive and NZEB
  • Architecture, Planning, Surveying & Design
  • Facilities Management.
  • QEHS

Visitors are free to move between the different co-located events.

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