Continuing to drive the industry forward and diversify their product portfolio, leading heating technology manufacturer Grant has launched their new Uflex underfloor heating offering. Adding to their existing range of modern heat emitters including the Grant Afinia aluminium radiators and Grant Solo fan convector radiators, Grant’s Uflex underfloor heating is a viable option for a wide range of projects, from one-off new builds and room extensions through to larger multi-property developments.

The Uflex system offers convenient and highly efficient heating, especially when paired with a heat source like the Grant Aerona3 R32 air source heat pump. The pipework is installed during the initial stages of the property’s development, therefore causing no delay times in terms of drying and in addition to supplying the mechanical components, Grant also supply the necessary mechanical components and controls to operate the underfloor heating system as efficiently as possible. Controls can be set to provide different room temperatures and different time intervals on individual heating zones, with a wireless option also available.

Commenting on the Uflex underfloor heating Barry Gorman, Grant technical sales said, “Launching our Uflex underfloor heating system was a natural step for us following the success of the Afinia and Solo ranges of radiators. These products have been well received within the industry and the Uflex system complements the offering and enables us to provide customers with a well-rounded choice of modern heat emitters.”

The Uflex underfloor heating system is a key component within Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions offering which provides those within the trade working on new build or deep retrofit projects with the opportunity to save time by having a property’s full heating requirements designed, quoted and supplied by the technical specialists at Grant, who can ensure optimum efficiencies by accurately combining multiple heating technologies. This free of charge service also ensures correct product sizing to meet the property’s exact heating requirements, helping to maximise efficiencies and bring the home heating system into a new class of efficiency which can result in greater long-term savings for the property owner and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions offering incorporates a range of high and low temperature heat sources including the A+++ Aerona3 R32 inverter-driven air source heat pump. Following selection of a heat source, supporting technologies are specified to support the systems overall efficiency including Grant’s new pre-plumbed hot water cylinders which provide high performance and can work with one or more heat source. The final stage in the process focuses on selecting the correct heat emitters to suit both the property and the heat source’s needs and may include Grant Uflex underfloor heating, Grant Afinia aluminium radiators and Grant Solo fan convector radiators.

Grant Uflex Underfloor Heating

  • Offers an efficient heating solution
  • Suitable for both new builds and retrofits
  • Highly efficient when paired with a Grant Aerona3 heat pump
  • Easy installation
  • Optimal control and comfort
  • Operates at lower flow temperatures
  • Can provide individual zone control
  • Increased hygiene due to reduced air circulation transferring dust particles

Visit www.grant.eu for more information on Grant’s range of innovative heating solutions and how you can avail of the Multiple Package Solutions offering. You can also follow Grant on Facebook and Twitter @GrantIRL or Instagram @Grant_IRL