Product: Zetos K10 Borehole Pump

Category: Energy Efficient Product

The recent award recognition at the Energy Show for the huge saving potentials and material versatility of this borehole pump is a testament to the new design and research and development invested by Wilo SE as this has also been recognized with similar awards throughout the UK where the water authorities have embraced the new technology.

5 years ago Wilo SE had single digit market share of the borehole market in the UK and Ireland – since the redesign and product evolution – the market share has multiplied thanks to award winning material engineering and component rationalisation/optimisation.

  • The new 10” pumps cover 10”, 12” and 40% of 14” applications – which saves water authorities time, money and removes un-scheduled challenges.
  • The pump was designed to be ecologically advantageous in manufacture and operation taking advantage of new materials and manufacturing methods.
  • In manufacturing component optimisation has assisted in reducing machining time by 84%, reducing embedded carbon by 73%, whist simultaneously improving operational efficiency to 88% peak and 84% average.
  • Gives up to four times wear resistance compared to standard material designs, meaning high efficiencies are retained for longer.

The K10, launched commercially in 2018 , provides: high efficiency, high corrosion

resistance, high wear resistance, it’s suitable for pumping drinking water and it offers

easy maintenance with a simple system for the installation and dismantling of

hydraulics. It is manufactured using an innovative new process called Precision Cast

which has allowed Wilo to redefine hydraulic efficiency, reducing machining by 84%

offering reduced embedded carbon, reduced manufacturing costs and shorter delivery

times along with a lower list/sales price.