Firebird Heating Solutions Designs New Quick Fit Unit

There is no denying that these are challenging times for our planet and that the choices we make when heating our homes will have an impact. At the forefront of technology, Firebird Heating Solutions have always been committed to providing cost-effective, energy efficient heating solutions for Irish homes that not only meet, but easily exceed today’s legislative requirements.

All new buildings that are occupied after the 31st December 2020 will need to comply with the new Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) requirement outlined in the Energy performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The nearly zero amount of energy required should be covered to a significant extent by energy from renewable sources. In Technical Guidance Document L (TGDL) 2011, Ireland had a renewables contribution of 10kWh/m2 whereas for TGDL 2019 Ireland must have a renewables contribution of 20% overall.

Firebird have an extensive range of renewable energy products such as the Enviroair heat pump and solar thermal systems. New to Firebird is the fully pre-plumbed and pre-wired Quick Fit Unit which is an indoor product developed by Firebird Heating Solutions and is unique in that it allows for the combination of different heat sources in an efficient, space saving and cost-effective manner. It is designed to support the mechanical and electrical contractor, leaving the homeowner stress free, with a contemporary kitchen-like finished product.

Firebird Heating Solutions Quick Fit Unit provides an easy solution when installing a Firebird Enviroair heat pump as a heat source and using our specifically designed low running cost PCB controller to manage your hot water and zoned heating system on gradient curved weather compensation. Priority hot water is enabled on all units, meaning that hot water is available on demand. The Quick Fit Unit comes with wheels for easy movable access, a built-in drip tray for a quick drain down safe system and child safety in mind with a chain lockable door.  Our single heat exchanger cylinder coil has a larger surface area for low temperature appliances, but it can also be manufactured with a twin coil adapted for solar and a heat pump. This now takes the emphasis off the higher side of energy demand in a BER which is for water heating and adds to the renewables contribution.


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